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Hi, and welcome to tarot class!

Thank you for being here. :-)

Read this just once, please.

There are a few things you should know to make this whole process easier—and more fun—so I hope that you will give me just a few minutes of your time and read this (once.) It will help you over the course of your studies. Please note: If you ever have billing issues or any questions other than "how does the tarot work?" you can always email me directly at [email protected] I can't always get to my emails right away (as I am working on the new books), but I—or one of our staff—will make sure to answer back as quickly as possible. You are not alone here.

So, first: What to expect . . .

Quickie note: If you haven't already completed our free course (on basic card meanings, court cards, "major" Arcana, and reversals), you can find our "first course lessons" at the very bottom of the curriculum (the scroll bar on the left or the "Curriculum" page). If you are 100% new to the tarot, you should watch those lessons first; if you are advanced enough that you really know how to draw meanings from each tarot card (not just "have the card meanings memorized"—which is a VERY BAD THING), then you can just start right in on lesson one right now!

This course is “mostly” like the free tarot lessons course you have just experienced. The recording format was done in “GoToWebinar” instead of Skype, so it is a bit more of a lecture than a group call, but there are just as many scribbles, images, and bad jokes. All in all, we have over 70 weeks (or about 300+ hours) of expert tarot instruction for you. This is the world’s most complete tarot course, and we do everything we can to ensure that you will pass—and graduate—so you can go on to do great things with the tarot.

Every week you will get one tarot course video lesson. These are full and complete, start-to-finish everything you need to know on a particular topic. There is no “up-sell” or “super-premium” (extra money) course. Most lessons average around 90 minutes, but some go as long as two hours. A *few* along the way will go three or even four hours—but those are rare, and we only went that long because there was just too much you need to know.

Please keep in mind that this is a real professional course, taught by me (Dusty White) and I have been teaching professionals—and beginners—for well over two decades. My *only goal* is to help you dismiss New Age fluffy ideas that sound nice but just don’t work, and to make you a BETTER tarot reader than anyone you meet on the street (or at a tarot convention, book signing. . . you get the idea.) Take your time, but it is essential that you do a minimum of two things every week:

1) Watch the course video (taking notes is optional.)

2) Spend as much time as you can with your tarot cards in your hand every week (one hour minimum, three to eight hours is adequate for anyone who wants to go “pro.")

If you are in the $12 per week class, you will ALSO get full-length bonus tarot course videos almost every week (there are a few weeks where we lost the bonus videos due to technical issues) AND weekly recordings of our private group sessions (with me) most weeks through at least week 40. After that, we go into the seriously advanced lessons; there are no audio recordings of study groups for those 34 weeks. This allows you to experience what it is like to be in a study group and learn along with us as we actually do all of the stuff we learn about in class.

These extra video and audio lessons (well over 200 hours of instruction) are ancillary—you don’t have to watch/listen to them, but they are here while you are here. As long as you are enrolled, you can study and learn—and, according to our very best students, these things “really help.” I hope you enjoy them. ** NOTE: Early apologies—some of these videos recorded in 720p (Standard definition,) but most should be available in 1080p (HD.) All of the videos will work on your computer, tablet, or phone, however.

What do you do now?

Please take a look at the curriculum. You will see that you get one full-length tarot video lesson every week and on almost every week, there will be an audio recording of the “private study group” we had with a handful of students on Skype. Each week, we practice what the students learned in the videos you will be learning from.

Also, at the very bottom of the page, there are around 19 free “basic tarot lessons.” These were originally a part of the tarot course, so they are also full length tarot video lessons on history, trumps (“major” Arcana), court cards, reversals, and so on. This is what you learned in the free videos, but much more in depth (which is why this is about 40 hours of extra video lessons.)

You have access to these right now, but these are entirely optional, as they simply contain more in-depth version lessons of what you have already learned in our free tarot lessons (the 9-week course.) You can watch any or all of these lessons now or at your convenience, but please make it your TOP priority to watch the new weekly course lessons every week. These extra lessons are just that: extra.

A note on quizzes: The quizzes are meant to be "fun." Sometimes the quiz software scoring is wonky. If we slip in a question where two or more answers are correct and you check either one or both correct answers, your "final score" may be marked incorrectly. This is a problem with the site quiz software, which is out of our hands (but please rest assured that I am asking about this.) If I can get the software engineers to fix this glitch, I will start making the quizzes graded so we can see how you did when it comes time for certification. In the meantime, you will know the right answer because when you click "check answer," the correct answers will be in a green box. Please don't fret at all about your "final scores." This applies to ALL quizzes in this course—just have fun. :-)

Okay, enough of that: Let's have some fun! Click on Lesson 1 (on the left side of the screen) to begin!

Please remember to post your thoughts in the forums if you are in the $12 per week program. This is where you can practice the exercises, get in a study group, ask questions, and find meet-ups (as they happen).

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