Discrete astrological consultation from Dusty White

Corporate, political, law enforcement, and private clients

Treat yourself to a highly detailed, extremely personalized astrologically-based consultation with #1 bestselling author and teacher Dusty White that directly addresses the specifics of your needs. Walk away with a results-oriented action plan and take charge of your destiny—right now, circumstances be damned.

This covers a 90-minute one-on one consultation, recorded for your private reflection, and answers to your questions with a close examination of what is going on around you and what is coming up. Astrology is not fortune telling; astrology is a lens through which we may view the energies, character, structure, and intent of people, places, circumstances, and actions, regardless of their face value.

Through this process we can outright change the elections of nations, corporate negotiations, mergers, and investigations, as well as dissect improve, or alter the course of relationships. It is not a question of *if* astrology can help you get an edge over all of your competitors, it is a question of "what do you want to achieve," and how much longer are you going to make excuses for not achieving it.

The greatest minds in history used astrology to become and enhance their greatness but the public has been offered a sham pseudo-science and superstition-laden jumble of New Age bullshit that is as worthless as it is pathetic. When you want real answers you must go to a professional.

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Dusty White
Dusty White

Dusty White has been a global professional tarot and astrology teacher for well over two decades. Dusty began studying metaphysics and philosophy at age 8 and has been reading cards (playing cards and tarot) since age 11. He is the #1 bestselling author of the revolutionary book The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! and Advanced Tarot Secrets, the bible of professional tarot secrets. Having read for tens of thousands of clients internationally, including celebrities and the Beverly Hills jet-set, Dusty knows the mechanics of tarot spreads, tarot readings, and clients inside and out.

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