Or, "you may want to know this stuff." Please note that these are in no particular order, so please scroll down to any that interest you. If you can't find your question answered here, just hit us up using the "Contact Us" page! We are here to help.

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Okay, so . . . questions, questions . . .

  1. QUESTION: What if I am a total beginner and have no psychic abilities?

    We *love* beginners! As a beginner, there is less “New Age fluff” or old-world superstition clogging up your brain and blocking your intuition. Look, we *all* start from scratch; only practice and a true understanding of what your cards can (not do) mean in a spread will make you a great reader. This is actually the main stopping point for most people who pick up a tarot deck.

    There is a misconception that tarot cards are somehow “magical” and that you have to have “special powers”—or that if you were born into a long line of fortune-tellers, you magically have powers no one else does. The truth is that everyone has to learn on their own. Otherwise, everyone ever born to a tarot reader throughout history would “automatically” be a super-psychic and over the centuries we would have family dynasties of fortune telling families. That actually sounds pretty cool, but sadly, that is not the case. As a beginner, you have a distinct advantage over more experienced students. You are an open book which we can fill with knowledge. You have less bad habits to unlearn and less formulas to un-memorize. We will get you reading cards in no time because we have invested decades in perfecting the art of transferring everything we know into you. That is why you will do well here and soon be a better reader than you can possibly imagine now.
  2. QUESTION: Hey! I have been a reader for 10, 20, 30 years! What can *you* teach *me*?

    ANSWER: Many of my best students have been reading for decades—in fact, one or two have been reading longer than I have been alive! But no one on the planet teaches what you will learn here. If you need proof, just pick up a copy of Advanced Tarot Secrets and read that cover to cover. In that book you will find the secrets of the world's best professional readers gathered from decades of experience and asking them personally.

    I have had the pleasure and distinct honor of working with several hundred of the best tarot readers and astrologers to be found anywhere. We showed up to the office and clocked in every day in several agencies in Beverly Hills and Hollywood to be available for massive amounts of clients (those were the "good old days"). As I did my job, I pestered everyone with questions on techniques and advice. We traded secrets and worked together in ways only seen nowadays in not-for-public-knowledge small corporate circles and foreign military contractors. I have been reading cards for over 40 years and training professionals for almost 30. I can help you become better than you are—that is my only job.

  3. QUESTION: But I live in Timbuktu! (or some other isolated region). Will there be a study group in my time zone?

    ANSWER: Good question. We have study groups all over the world—many of them have been going strong for years. We have students on almost every continent (sadly, no penguins yet) and we have Americans studying with Europeans, Australians and Kiwis, and Asians. Also, many of our students and moderators work odd-hours, so their available time matches up with other global timezones. We can’t and won’t guarantee that we will have study buddies at your disposal every hour of the day, but we have never not been able to get people together to study. Sometimes it takes a little creative scheduling (because we are talking about real people, and everyone has outside responsibilities and lives to lead), but we haven’t failed yet. Most likely, you will find students just right for your preferred schedule; that said, it helps to be flexible, since everyone else here is.

  4. QUESTION: I don’t know anyone who knows (or likes) tarot cards! Who can I practice on (or with)?

    ANSWER: We all but invented the international online managed course study groups! We have been working for years to develop and refine the processes whereby we can help you (and others) get together over Skype, phone, or other means of communication. This allows us to study at times convenient to both (or all) students involved. We have friendly students all over the world, and our goal is to help you expand your horizons by studying on a regular basis with people you have yet to meet. Many of our students have formed lifelong friendships and several have met up in person to vacation or share readings. We are a global family and we would love for you to join us. You are welcome, supported, and cared for here.
  5. QUESTION: I am all alone here—how can I get someone to study with me?

    We never want any of our students to feel alone or like they have to learn all of this on their own. We have secret Facebook groups and other online community areas (we try to make it as easy as possible for you to interact in the ways you feel most comfortable) staffed by friendly moderators whose job it is to reach out and welcome you and to help you get into small groups of properly trained tarot students. These are highly-dedicated, sincere men and women who love to help people. We are here for you.

  6. QUESTION: Do I have to study by myself? / Do I have to join a group?

    No to both questions. As much as we would love to accelerate your skill development by getting you with study buddies and into fun and friendly study groups, this is all optional. You are not required to go anywhere or answer to anyone. If you want to study alone, that is your call—we support you if you make that decision. On the other hand, if you want someone to talk to, study with, do exercises and play tarot games with, and trade readings with; yes! This is where we shine. We can help you, but we will never force you to do anything.
  7. QUESTION: What if I don’t want to do this for a living?

    That’s fine, too. All of our courses are designed to accomplish three things:

    1. Transform beginning tarot readers into great readers
    2. Make good readers expert readers
    3. Build a community based on inclusion, provide social networking for our students, and give all of our students a home and family they can call on throughout their lives. We know the power of support and we want you to have it.
  8. But you never—ever—have to get a job reading cards or start a card reading business to see and achieve great results in your personal life from your tarot cards. The most important benefit of mastering the tarot with us is not the money, believe it or not. Your tarot cards are the BEST tool for developing and mastering your intuition. Using our exclusive techniques (not taught anywhere else in the world,) you can develop your intuitive skills far beyond what most people believe is possible. We see this every day with our students. It sneaks up on them—one day they simply become aware of how clear everything is around them. As they keep learning and practicing, they find more and more how to see through problems and situations and “just know” the right decisions to make.

    Here is a special secret not taught anywhere else.
    If you can contemplate this and truly understand this one thing, you will have an edge over anyone else you meet: The point of using the tarot is to develop your intuitive skills to the point where you don’t need the tarot anymore. As you progress in your skills, you will find that answers come to you while you are shuffling, and the cards simply verify what popped into your head moments before. That is the point we are striving to get you to—quickly.

  9. QUESTION: Why are these lessons so cheap? Seriously: You say that you can make me BETTER than "almost anyone you'll ever meet," and you expect me to believe that that is possible for $12 a week? What's really going on? Are you poor? Broke? Do you need a sandwich? Are you not confident enough to charge real money for your "lessons?"

    Why, thank you for asking! (Wow, that sounds weird typing in response to a hypothetical question I just wrote. . . but, as politeness is everything, I do want to thank you if you do want to know the answer to this. You see, there are a few reasons:

    1. These are recorded video lessons. That means I have taught these and been paid already. I don't have to stop working on The Easiest Way to Learn Astrology—EVER!! to teach this course for the 73rd time. We have a nice catalog of 73 weeks of video lessons (two sets of video lessons for almost every week) and these are the exact lessons that have produced tarot superstars. Yes, they are recorded, but if they were live, you would have to show up at the exact times that *I* am available, and what if that did not fit your schedule? What if you missed a week? Also, I do teach "live lessons" privately, but they are a LOT more expensive.
    2. I used to be poor! I make no secret about that. I hit a rough patch several years back, and while the nightmares of poverty (living out of my car) have long-subsided, I will never forget how hellish it was working every day and having life expenses (including fast food, which, as it turns out, is rather expensive when you have to eat it every day) always keeping me just under being able to save up enough for three months' rent (1st, last, and deposit + credit check) to get into an apartment. . . and no one wants a "homeless" roommate. So I make sure that I offer something at the lowest possible price, to help ANYONE change their lives—that is why we have the largest collection of free professional video (and audio!) lessons taught by a REAL expert anywhere in the world.

  10. QUESTION: Is this a scam? "$12 a week" for everything you promise sounds too good to be true. Besides, if it was that good, you could easily charge $300(+) per mini course, just like ________ does.

    If this was a scam, I'd be making a lot more money. This "tarot" thing is not a real money-making venture for me. It is a fun job—oh, God, it is a fun job. But I have a private consultation practice and private students, plus I am a #1 bestselling author, so I do make money. I just don't make money breaking your back with upsells and add-ons.

  11. QUESTION: Will I be charged TAX?!!

    No! No, no, no! (but maybe. . .) It has come to our attention that anyone in the EU will be charged VAT. This is an EU thing that is far beyond our control. It is handled by the Teachable.com platform. Here is what they have to say about it (by the way, you can read the original, here: https://support.teachable.com/hc/en-us/articles/22...):

    EU VAT is a tax assessed only on purchases made by customers located in the EU. When students pay through a Teachable payment gateway, Teachable is the legal merchant of record, and we must by law collect the appropriate tax from EU users when they check out. We have an automatic process to do this (so no action is required on your end).

    And then there is this:

    Because of regulations, EU residents have come to expect VAT on top of the price digital products over the past few years, and won’t be surprised to see it at checkout.

    Well, I (Dusty) don't know about that, but I want you to know, so there are no secret surprises. Not to worry, though; we will pack in extra value to ensure (for everyone, not just EU students) that your tarot education far eclipses any "tax" your governmental agencies impose on you.
  12. QUESTION: Who the Hell is Dusty White?

    Great question. I think I will leave it to the historians to decide. In the meantime, I have been on a quest for metaphysical "Truth" since I can remember (around age 5, but my thoughts on the matter were extremely basic.) I started reading the tarot at age 11-very, very badly. I read a lot of books. I tried reading for friends. I wasted 15 years of my life trying to make the tarot "work," and sometimes I guess I was "okay," but in hindsight, all I ended up doing was what everyone does: read a lot of books and cast a lot of spreads.

    Right around age 26, it finally all started making sense. Soon after that, I got picked up by two of the very first "psychic hotlines" and I read for 20-40 people a day (remember, this was when the industry was new and people were going crazy over the idea.) It was a booming business for several years- then Dionne Warwick ("Psychic Friends") got involved. This was decades before "Miss Cleo." I started teaching beginners and helped professionals become "better professionals." I read for tens of thousands of clients, worked and studied at various metaphysical shops, and started my own herbal (spell) candle business, though I failed at that (great candles—lousy marketing.)

    Well, it's been 40+ years of reading and studying tarot cards and over two decades of teaching. To this day, I still consider myself more an astrologer than a tarot reader. Either way, I am your primary teacher here.

    I wrote the #1 bestselling tarot book
    and best reviewed tarot book on Amazon, The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!!, and later Advanced Tarot Secrets (the bible of tarot super-professionals.) I have no job. If I had a wife she would probably call me a "bum." My "job" is helping people transform their lives, which I am extremely good at, so it's a good thing that I don't need a job. But lest this sound like the "I am great" channel on TV, "I can't sing, I ain't pretty, and my legs are thin." (credit: Peter Green: Fleetwood Mac).

  13. QUESTION: What if I don't like your teaching style? Can I get a refund?

    Absolutely! It's built right into the system. First, try all three FREE preview lessons to see if you even like the sound of my voice. Second, take our free course to see if you like our teaching style, how I present information, and all of the free goodies we give you that everyone else is charging you $300 or more for. But if you do enroll, and if for any reason you do NOT like this course, you can cancel and get a refund within your first 30 days! No. Questions. Asked. And no hassles.
  14. QUESTION: Oh, yeah? Well exactly HOW do I get a refund?

    ANSWER: Please read this carefully: (It's your money, after all.) We offer a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee on your first 30 days in our school.

    * * * WITHIN 30 DAYS * * * please send us a message at your earliest convenience. This will avoid delays in getting you back your money. If we can get your message and process it within the 30-day mark, we will simply tell Teachable to offer you an immediate refund and unenroll you from our courses.

    If you request a refund of your first payment (your first 30 days) BUT it gets to us after 30 days, we have to do a little work. Not a problem at all, but we will need to first unenroll you to make sure that you are not still paying. In almost all cases, we will simply PayPal you the money directly (so we will need an email address where you can receive money via PayPal.)

    If you open a dispute with your credit card company, we cannot issue you a refund until that dispute is closed. This is not our policy; this is Teachable.com's policy and they handle all billing. We will work with you to get your first payment back to you, but if your request arrives (or is sent) after your first 30 days, the process gets a little complicated, so we ask that you allow us to do our part. Here are several details on the process, directly from Teachable.com, as we want you to be an informed consumer:

    FULL TRANSPARENCY: Here is how the backend system handles everything, including any issues of software or credit card / PayPal dispute confusion: https://support.teachable.com/hc/en-us/articles/21..
  15. QUESTION: Who will be the people in *my* study group?

    ANSWER: Other students! Other than that, it is really hard to say. We have study groups and study buddies all over the world and they all meet at different times and on different days. When you first start with us, we will find you a group with one of our super-advanced students who acts as a moderator (or guide) to help you become familiar with our groups and our processes, as well as have fun interacting with other students. The whole thing is really stress free and we have been doing all of this for years. The people in different groups will vary, and after you have been here a short while, we can help you hook up with one-on-one study buddies, as we can match your schedule to theirs.
  16. QUESTION: If I opt for a tutor, can I pick who it will be?

    ANSWER: Yes—but maybe, no . . . *All* of our tutors are TOP graduate students and certified tarot readers. Unlike other “tarot schools,” our certification does not mean that you can give a three card reading. Our certification process is the most in-depth anywhere and includes ethics, skill with a variety of spreads, difficult clients, and a few other abusive things we throw at our best students before we give them our stamp of approval. A House of White Metaphysical Academy certification means that you are ready for the world, just like a diploma from Harvard.

    We want you to work with the best tutor for you, and that takes into account your learning and communication style as well your disposition. We have randy tutors and exceedingly polite (and soft-spoken) ones. To facilitate the best tutor for you, we need to find the one that best matches your personality. The first students in get their pick of any of our tutors, including Mandy and Sharon, Stacia, Apryl, or any of our other professionals. If you find that you are not a good match with your tutor, we will assign you a new one the moment you notify us (you can send us an email—you do not have to tell your tutor directly.)

    BUT as our most popular tutors can only help so many students at a time, and as each student is unique and special, we do not allow our tutors to take on very many students (always less than five total.) This means that if you wait too long to get a tutor, the exact one you want may not be available until her current protégés have graduated (so that’s the “no” part of the equation). If you are interested in having your own tutor, please click here.
  17. QUESTION: Can I deduct my school tuition from my taxes? (And what about my tarot decks?)

    ANSWER: Yes! No! Wait—I am not an accountant! Okay, so since we do NOT want to get in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service (US: “IRS,") we have to say, “Ask your accountant or certified professional tax preparer.” BUT . . . here’s what we do know: This is essentially a vocational school. Being online may or may not make a difference in your country, state, or province. If you are pursuing a career or are an established professional (meaning you already charge money for readings) you might be eligible for tax breaks of some kind (like credits or write-offs,) so we strongly recommend that you keep your online receipts and, of course, any paper receipts you may get from buying tarot books and decks. Show these to your tax-preparer and see what they say, but until that time, please don’t make any assumptions that would get you in trouble with your local tax collector.
  18. QUESTION: Is your school accredited? (You know, like Harvard, Oxford, or any other college.)

    ANSWER: No (sorry.) The US Government does not recognize “divination, magic, manifestation,” or other metaphysical subjects as fulfilling the requirements for accreditation at this time. With all of the frauds out there, we really can’t blame them, and maybe it is nice not to have all psychics and tarot readers regulated by the government. Who can say? But as integrity is the most important part of our educational thesis, we are always looking to improve the quality and veracity of our entire curriculum. If one day in the future we are able to convince the governing bodies of our academy’s integrity of education, viability of the tarot (and other subjects,) and results achieved by a high percentage of our students, we will naturally apply for accreditation. (Wish us luck!)
  19. QUESTION: Are you a non-profit organization?

    ANSWER: Not yet, but maybe someday! Getting approved for 501 (c) (3) status is no easy task, but we are looking into it. No promises, but we are considering the potential piles of paperwork (on our end) and possible benefits to our students. If we do end up going non-profit, we will definitely let you know. :-)