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When you need answers, and you refuse to get the same old generic "the cards say this" reading from a reader who has learned to memorize keywords or force some artificial system into the tarot because they secretly don't trust their intuition, bring your most serious questions and we will work together to get you real solutions. 100% guaranteed—because if you are not satisfied, I am not satisfied. Extremely limited availability. Thank you for reading this :-)

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Dusty White
Dusty White

Dusty White has been a global professional tarot and astrology teacher for well over two decades. Dusty began studying metaphysics and philosophy at age 8 and has been reading cards (playing cards and tarot) since age 11. He is the #1 bestselling author of the revolutionary book The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! and Advanced Tarot Secrets, the bible of professional tarot secrets. Having read for tens of thousands of clients internationally, including celebrities and the Beverly Hills jet-set, Dusty knows the mechanics of tarot spreads, tarot readings, and clients inside and out.

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