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Come learn tarot with us! This course is for the absolute beginner or anyone who tried to really learn the tarot, but has been frustrated by bad books and crappy websites. In this course, you will follow along as a handful of students learn the tarot directly from Dusty White. This is fast-paced but super-easy to do and LOTS of fun.

All you need is a deck of tarot cards. By using a recommended deck, you can learn faster, retain more information, and see the same images as the other students when you practice together.

These are real (2 hour) VIDEO tarot lessons, audio lessons, short fun quizzes, and handouts. You even get a free digital tarot deck!

This not a sales gimmick or some watered-down "sample" course; this free course will prepare you for the complete tarot course, should you want to read cards for yourself on a regular basis (or for a living.) You will get a new video tarot lesson every week and audio practice sessions in which you get to play along with us as we play new games and practice exercises in real time. UPDATE: You now get instant access to all of the lessons at once.

There are also fun quizzes to help you remember all of what you learn!

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Course Curriculum

  Tarot basics: How to give better readings "right now"
Available in days
days after you enroll
  * * * WATCH THIS FREE LESSON * * * (Real student doing a LIVE Roundabout Spread)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  * * * FREE LESSON * * * Watch us do it: Crime solving in real time
Available in days
days after you enroll
  * * * Watch this FREE LESSON * * * Brainstorming and Problem solving with the tarot
Available in days
days after you enroll

* * * Here's what REAL STUDENTS have to say about us * * *

I just made $340 on 2 readings before lunch today . . . super yey or what? —Natascha, The Empress of Wands

Dusty White's online tarot training is second to none. He is in the avant-garde of the tarot. He steers away from the old rehashed methods of teaching tarot and makes it fun, interesting, erudite, instructive all at the same time. This is a feat that I have not seen with other teachers. He deserves the attention of the rookie as well as the seasoned tarot reader. He is a one off! —Duncan Sequeira

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to you for sharing your insight and wisdom on the Tarot with us. I have learned so many new things. I can’t wait for astrology class! —Cathy Mattingly

Thank you so much for everything, Dusty. You are an even better teacher than any professor I’ve had in college. —Tia Jackson

You will never find more knowledgeable teacher, as I have tried and failed, till my lucky stars guided me to his site. Dusty is very helpful and not a single question goes unanswered. I will never get tired of thanking you, Dusty. — Diana S.

When I returned to Tarot in 2011, I signed up for so many classes, joined the organizations, and studies my behind off to recapture what I’d been away from. Then in early 2012, I came across Dusty White and The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot Ever! Right after ordering, his class came available. I’ve been a minion of The House of White ever since. Dusty’s down to Earth approach, knowledge, and experience can’t be matched. I’ve receive many things from Dusty through these years, however, today I received the best gift ever! Thank you Dusty, it is magnificent. I know I’m being cryptic to most, but those that know, those that have this treasure know how special this is. House of White y’all. If you ever really want to learn Tarot and Dusty isn’t a part of that program, you’ve done yourself a disservice. —Latifah Abdul’laah

Dusty White I am so glad I found you! You are blowing my mind. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! —Jeannie McCall

I have to tell you this course is just incredible! It is so much more than I ever expected, and you are opening up the Tarot in ways I could never have imagined! Even after today’s class, I have so much more respect in what a talented person can do for others with the Tarot. Today’s class gave me a new vision of how I can strive to read for others. Not just the frou frou fluff! Lol! —Renee Price

I just got your book The Easiest way to learn the Tarot EVER!! Indeed. I can't tell you how happy I am without falling short. It all makes sense to me know! Surreal ! I have felt lost most of my life until I decided to learn the Tarot. Finding your book has been my road to happiness. I plan nothing but to enjoy the ride. Thank you and blessings for sharing with the World! Kind regards and be in light! —Isabel Zandarin

Dear Dusty!!! WOW! Well, I guess you were right about the manifestation spread! It took exactly a week and a half from the time we (by 'we' I mean by far mostly you) chose the cards to manifest a new job for my husband, after months of searching. Then it just seemed to show up all of the sudden. He moved through the interview process lickety split, like a game show lightning round. I've never seen it go that fast before. His offer was for exactly the figure I requested in the manifestation, with benefits, doing what he wants to do, in the right location--all of this and more exactly as planned. This is so awesome! What you teach is sooo amazing! What a HUGE weight off of our shoulders. Phew! I hesitated to do private lessons right now, all things considered, but I'm glad I listened to my inner voice and decided to go for it anyway. It's only been a few months since I've been here and what a difference you've made in our lives already. Thank you so much Dusty! —Mo!

The deeper I go into metaphysics the more I love you and everything you taught me . . . even though I really didn't know what you were teaching me back then. I want more people to understand how to actually use this stuff in their lives. Actually use it. And not having to remain stuck and sad. Or stuck daydreaming "knowing" that "the Universe" will pay their bills for them if they only believe in it. —Ishani Bashu

So, it’s over a month since Dusty’s class finished and I have to say that my readings have improved so much, my confidence and my intuition as well. Recently I had a chance to play with some other readers using decks and spreads I was unfamiliar with. The thing is I noticed how at ease I am with the cards now. I interpreted these new decks and spreads easily. In fact it was a fun challenge instead of the past palm sweating and brow furrowing. I am getting more and more clients’ and I was so busy at an expo last weekend that I barely had time for a bathroom break. Every day I am still learning more, but this class changed my relationship with the Tarot and I am so glad I did it. Thanks Dusty and everyone in the class who made it so much fun. —Keryn Lee

I'm officially out at work — now my co-workers are coming up to me saying "you have to talk to Jim, he needs your help with ghosts in his house" or my favorite "can we hire you to cleanse the office of negative energies after hours?" And people scoff at manifesting your job — ha! —Sherry S.

I am a professional Psychic Medium. I've been reading the Tarot since I was 15 years old. I've read most of the classic, historical books on the subject as well as studied Tarot with many teachers. Dusty's book dispels so much of the superstitions about the Tarot and will teach you things you just won't find anywhere else. If you want to learn to read the cards for self-discovery, or perhaps wish to master them to do this work professionally, get this book now. Even if you've got decades of experience, this book will free you to really enjoy the Tarot, and be a real help to others in the process. This is without question, one of the greatest books on the Tarot you will ever find. — George

Dusty White defines the basic spreads and most popular ones, the card positions; how to relate these spreads with anything so memorization is not really too much of an issue here. He emphasizes constant bonding with your cards and the reason for it. The information has clarity, congruence, conciseness, fluidity, organization, and sense of humor. It is very encouraging, inspiring, and makes Tarot learning fun for me! —Bobby

Hi Dusty, a few days ago I found your tarot-book and your online-course. And although it’s not always easy for me, because my English is not perfect (I’m from Germany)—I’m really thrilled about your teaching style! I have a bunch of Tarot books here and the more I bought, the more frustrated I got. And just before I gave up the whole idea of learning the tarot—I found your stuff. And it’s exactly what I needed, thank you so much! —Katharina Hille

I was so fortunate to discover Dusty White’s Tarot books at pretty much the exact moment he started a new class at the Tarot Academy (coincidence???). The multidisciplinary way of learning- workbook, webinar, study groups and exercises on the website was perfect for my learning style. Dusty’s enthusiasm for all things Tarot is contagious. He is an energetic teacher who gives far more of himself than is required and expects the same of his students. By going through the books together with a group of students, I was pushed further, faster by having real-time feedback and practice reading for others . . . Dusty is available when you have questions and is a seemingly endless resource for information. This class will give you all the tools you need to become a professional reader, including how to get started. I completed all of the classes and took part in a study group and am now in my second year of reading professionally. I credit Dusty with teaching me to become a reader, then become a better reader, and to accept only the highest standards for myself. I also had a lot of fun! —Rebecca O’Sullivan

Just a message to let you guys all know you’re freakin’ AWESOME! I love these classes. –And— the classroom is filled with some of the nicest, coolest people. Best. Tarot lessons. Evar. —Sarah Peterson

Dusty, I have never been given such a wonderful gift as the link you shared in Saturday's podcast. Thank you so much. —Kelly

I am a big Dusty White fan. I took his one on one class and have his book. He is genuinely authentic and really cares about the people that he works with. He is more concerned with teaching and helping people to understand the concepts than he is in trying to sell a product. I learned so many techniques loaded with impact that I have never found in any tarot books. —Tidal

Dusty White is the Truth!!!!!!!!!! I listened to you on Tidal’s show so many months ago because I was on the fence (at the time) about buying The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot Ever! Best radio show, best books, and the very best teacher. My readings have been on FIRE lately, and I know it’s because of my studies with The House of White. — Latifah Abdul’laah

The saddest thing was to have the lesson end….just finishing up the course with Dusty and the study buddies. On a happy note, I have made many new friends with my study buddies, and yes Dusty too!! If you have a chance to study with Dusty, do it, well worth it. I had a little trouble getting started, but with the help of Dusty and my study buddies, I am amazed at how far I have come along. I should correct my first statement….it hasn’t ended, we have just begun….as Dusty had said, you are not alone in this, if you have any questions, he and the little helpers (study buddies) are there to help…I was told that “if you fail at this, then we all fail” so trust me when I say….anyone can do this with… “Dusty’s guidance”…I am ready to continue to study and take any course Dusty has to offer!!! So what’s next???? I am ready !!!!! Had a Blast!!!! Let’s Go!!!! —Julie

Dusty White I just wanted to send a shout out your way and say “thanks”. No matter what obstacles come across, your determination to overcome them is an inspiration to me. I am so glad you were the one who “professionally” instruct me on my tarot quest over a year ago—you set the bar high for learning, and in doing so, you make me what to continue reaching for it. —Kelly

Guess what?! Guess what!? I am doing a 4 person get together as the featured reader today! It is kinda like a mini party. Only they want me to do more in-depth readings than if it were a real party. I charge $100 an hour for parties or where there is more than 3 ppl. (money for inventory!!! Yah!) The last party I did at Halloween I was there for about 3 hours and there was a constant line. Whew. I worked my booty off. I love doing parties. :-) TTYL, — Helen

Hi Dusty! I just wanted to thank you for getting me started with the Tarot. I’ve been introducing people to reading the cards through a chakra balancing class I teach. They always ask how to learn more and I send them straight to your videos and Easiest Way to Learn Tarot Book. Thank you for helping us all understand that the cards’ art speaks and you do not have to know all the junk dogma and other peoples’ interpretations to find meaning. —Rebekah Gallo

Best tarot book I have ever purchased! And I’ve been reading tarot for 35 years. Originally, my daughter wanted me to teach her tarot. Feeling unqualified to do this without a good guide, I went in search of a good tarot manual that did more than give my daughter key words and phrases—the likes of which I memorized once-upon-a-time. Key words and phrases don’t teach you how to read the tarot. Unfortunately, that’s all most books give you. Then I found Dusty White’s podcasts, and videos, and free email lessons. I loved what he taught and how he taught it, so I bought his book for my daughter. And then bought another for myself. And then started taking his course and private lessons. I cannot stress enough how helpful Dusty White and his book are. If anyone is on the fence about which book to buy or which teacher to follow, check out this author. If you think you already have every tarot book you will ever need and you don’t already have this book, you are mistaken. If you are unhappy with your tarot progress, please don’t wait 35 years like I did, check out Dusty White now! —Sally

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