FREE PREVIEW LESSON: Dowsing for fugitives!

Old dowsing lesson from last year. In this week's bonus lesson, we were looking for an escaped fugitive. This show various "real world" examples of how to use your cards in slightly unconventional ways.

What will you specifically learn in this lesson?

  • Dowsing is an art used for centuries, with even the (usually metaphysically stodgy) U.S. Government providing official reports on the subject. Dowsing can be accomplished through “witching sticks,” dowsing rods, and pendulums, but dowsing with the tarot brings out entire dimensions of information unattainable from other techniques
  • You will want to use your favorite deck for dowsing—literally the one that makes your heart happy—and why
  • How you can use tarot to help local law enforcement and what is involved
  • Talent is what you are born with—skill is what we are training you for; what the difference is and how to harness and develop both
  • If we were looking for DB Cooper.. How would we find out where he was in Montana? Watch us practice live (and unrehearsed!)
  • How to “map dowse, and what tools are available—which ones work the best? Various ways to use your cards to get the results you need
  • Your intuition must work along with facts and not against them
  • Tarot fundamentalism rant—fundamentalistic thinking “what is old is good” . .) is rampant in the New Age, and why we need to avoid hero worship if we are the leaders of the new generation of metaphysicists
  • Dowsing comes down to asking the right questions, knowing the right techniques and a TON of practice
  • How many cards you need to use when dowsing—and how to dowse using different techniques (small spreads vs. larger ones)
  • How to use seasons and astrology to find directions while using tarot cards
  • And of course, in class examples of dowsing for an object given the layout of a house

Here is the bonus video lesson:

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