(58) Brainstorming and problem solving with the tarot

We begin this lesson with how to solve problems using the tarot.

We use the tarot as a problem solving tool to help us look at our issues objectively. It can aid us in solving a problem in a fraction of the time that it would take normally. This is a process that is completely different from divination, and it is not taught in many (if any) books, so it will be confusing to some of the public who get to watch this video free without being prepared for this information by taking the course.

With brainstorming and problem solving (and other techniques) we are not drawing cards, we are choosing them. Explanation of differences, preferences, and techniques in both are explained in great detail in the course.

By putting our problems out in a visual format, as represented by the cards, we get that objective, judgmental, 3rd party perspective. This helps us to minimize a lot of our internal concerns and it helps us to see things from a different point of view. So, by laying your problems out in a spread, it becomes, psychologically, somebody else's problem, and it's always easier to solve somebody else's problem.

In today's lesson, we show you an example of a simple way to walk through any problem. We break down the process, explaining the techniques on how to get from where you are now to where you want to be; how to decide which is the best way of attaining your goal; and what would be the quickest way to reach it. The organizational chart is from Advanced tarot Secrets.

Also, in this lesson we cover Brainstorming with the Tarot.

The point of this lesson is to teach you techniques that will bring you closer to your goal, and different ways of attaining it so that it becomes a physical reality. An effective brainstorming spread can harness many of the other techniques that you have learned so far in this course, such as:

    • building a spread using the factual information that you already know
    • using a problem solving spread to explain what needs to be done in order to get your desired results
    • casting a spread to get clarification on a certain aspect, to see how a certain option will work out if you were to do it; and to help you get to where you want to go; and
    • creating a manifestation spread using this information to project your 'need' to The Divine.

Using these techniques, you'll be able to solve any problem, find answers, brainstorm options, and manifest your desires to make your life more comfortable, and the lives of others too.

As always, thanks for being here :-)

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