(16) FREE PREVIEW LESSON: Watch a real student do a Roundabout spread in real time

In this week's bonus video lesson, one of our students gives a reading to another student in class. Please note that this reading is unrehearsed and "on-the-spot"Ish had no idea that she was going to be doing a reading today, and Dawn volunteered (don't worry, we won't put you under this kind of pressure).

For the spread, Ish used the Roundabout spread from The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! This is one of the best "how to" spreads in the world. While it can be used just like the Celtic Cross as an "overview spread," its real strengths are revealed when it is used for tarot manifestation or problem solving. The primary use of this spread is to help your client find out how to achieve the outcome they desire. Too many spreads simply state facts or options, as if the future is cast in stone, or "alterable" (if the client does not like what they see). This negates the whole point of divination: If a client does not like what they see and you say "oh, the future is fluid," or "don't worry, come back in a week/month/year and see if your destiny has changed," you are giving your client the idea that the tarot cards only show possibilities. This destroys your credibility, and it undermines the whole point of divination.

A much better way of handling a situation where a client (or you) want(s) to achieve a specific outcome is to rephrase your question to "how do I get ______?" rather than "what is going on with ____" or "how will ______ turn out?" This is where the Roundabout spread works like magic.

So . . . in today's bonus video we watch the process from beginning to end. Pleas pay close attention to the amount of pre-spreadwork that goes into this reading and how it clarifies the situation and allows Ish to extract highly detailed answers to Dawn's dilemma.

Dawn is in the educational profession. She would like to transition into employment that lets her "work with animals", without losing the lifestyle that she is accustomed to. Ish helps her see—and plan out—the future, to protect herself from any upheavals in the process.

Also in today's lesson you will learn

  • The average statistics of cards appearing in any spread. By revealing the percentage of trumps, pips, court cards appearing in a spread, we help remove the stress from your shoulders whenever you are confronted by a preponderance of cards (for example: lots of court cards, "major" Arcana cards, 5's a lot of Swords cards, and so on).
  • We also lay out a clear introduction to the Roundabout spread, and the correlation to astrology signs and houses in this spread—and how they help you find much deeper understanding of the meaning of each card in your spread.
  • We give you a breakdown of how to do a roundabout spread (super easy actually)
  • We cover every card position—step by step, so you won't get lost
  • We even make a point of emphasizing the importance of—and illustrating how to—write down the specific question asked, and how that makes your readings a LOT more accurate and a LOT less stressful. Also, we talks a little about the "literal" picture on the face of the card, and why that is essential information to great readings.

Here is the bonus video lesson for this week:

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